murwiesenstrasse 45
8057 Zürich


17.10 - 5.11

Kevin Desbouis (FR)
Céline Mathieu (BE)
Dominic Michel (CH)
Philémon Otth (CH)
Hanna Rochereau (FR)
Angharad Williams (UK)
Arnaud Wohlhauser (CH)

24, Rue de Tourtille, Paris

︎ Exhibition text

Angharad Williams, Prisoners, 2019–2021
Light box (aluminium, LED lightning), digital, print on fabric, 119 x 84 x 13 cm

Céline Mathieu, Case (designer bag bought at price of artist fee, sold, re-sold or kept by the artist afterthe show), 2022
Borrowed handbag content; spoken text found on online forum; piano music by Justin Raym, dimension variable

Philémon Otth, Untitled (form Hikibi and Kichijoji), 2022
Ensemble of twenty-five found and shipped Japanese practice rubber baseballs, dimension variable

Arnaud Wohlhauser, Two times, 2013
Two plans showing the same address drawn on paper napkins by a hotdog seller three days apart, wooden frame, 31 x 48 cm

Dominic Michel, Chambers, 2022
Silkscreen ink on packaging boxes. 17 x 30 x 19 cm

Kevin Desbouis, Downstairs (Complaint Department), 2022
Mixed media, 102 x 51 cm

Hanna Rochereau, Shell on Plexiglas 2, 2020
Shell and Plexiglas, 9 x 24 x 18 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Sentiment