murwiesenstrasse 45
8057 Zürich

Slavs and Tatars
Pickle Bar presents:

Andrey Anro
Olia Sosnovskaya
Uladzimir Hramovich
Ala Savashevich
Vasilisa Palianina
Sergey Shabohin

When Red and White ain’t so Black and White

5.02 – 19.03.22

Exhibition text

Ala Savashevich, Two portrets, 2021
Textile, photograph, 150 x 300 cm

Uladzimir Hramovich, New Wind, 2021
Scythe, straw hat, ribbon, 190 х 40cm

Olia Sosnovskaya, Incredibly relaxing meditation music, 2021
Print on textile, 40 x 40 cm each

Andrey Anro, The Little Soldier (Солдатик) , 2021
50 x 40 cm x 3 cm, Oil on linen

Vasilisa Palianina, Flora and Faina, 2021
From the Faces of the Forest series, Clay, glaze, engobe
10.5 x 19.5 x 8 cm

Sergey Shabohin, Mandrake Gardens, 2020 
2 screens projection, Video, 15'00, 

Slavs & Tatars, Lytes, 2020
Plexiglas, digital print, LED lights, stainless steel, aluminium
70.5 x 50.5 x 6.5 cm

this project was made with the special support of the Gwärtler Foundation

Photo credits: Philipp Rupp / Julien Gremaud
Courtesy of the artist and Sentiment