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A discussion on Slavic Mythology, Quantum Physics, Art, and Beyond

Sunday, November 5th, 5pm

Cabaret Voltaire
Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich

In connection with the exhibition "Upiór" by Egle Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda, Sentiment is excited to invite you to Cabaret Voltaire for a panel discussion. This event will delve into the intriguing intersections of Slavic mythology, quantum physics, and art, aiming to uncover mysterious connections that bind our reality and imagination by bringing together experts in their respective fields.

Egle Kulbokaite (LT) and Dorota Gaweda (PL) are an artist duo whose work seamlessly weaves together ecology and technology, science and folklore, queerness and magic, and nonhuman intelligence.

Łukasz Kozak (PL) is a medievalist, technology, and media expert. He cooperates with numerous cultural institutions and scientific institutions in the fields of innovation and new technologies. In 2020, he published "With Stake and Spade. Vampiric Diversity in Poland" and "Upiór. Historia naturalna" ("Upiór. A Natural History" with illustrations by Aleksandra Waliszewska), the first extensive studies on vampirism in Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Dr. Zeno Capatti (IT) is a quantum physicist specializing in theoretical particle physics. His research is focused on the computation of predictions for particle colliders, such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Additionally, he is involved in a cross-disciplinary project that explores the connection between art and science. Zeno's interests include post-structuralist philosophy, as well as queer and gender theory. Recently, he has begun work as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bern.

This week is the final opportunity to schedule an appointment to view the "Upiór" exhibition by Egle Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda. To access the exhibition documentation, please click on this link.

On November 30, Ėgle Kulbokaitė and Dorota Gawęda will perform at Cabaret Voltaire and Theater Neumarkt, organized in collaboration with ZHdK Master of Arts and Theater Neumarkt.